Green Diamond Recycling

In the year 2000, Green Diamond expanded its operations to include Recycling. The facility is located in Clackamas, OR and can processes more than 500 tons a month.

Spent material is returned to the plant where it is screened, dried and screened again to ensure a high level of quality. Green Diamond's recycling program stands to help the State of Oregon in its effort to minimize land filling.

Green Diamond is ideal for recycling because unlike other materials, our product's particle structure does not shatter when used. Recycled Green Diamond is used in a wide variety of products utilized by many industries.

Due to our high standards of quality, we only recycle Green Diamond materials. We require a recycling agreement and all incoming material must pass a TCLP for heavy metals and contaminates.

For more information about recycling with Green Diamond, please contact:

Green Diamond Clackamas   |   (503) 650-9882