Green Diamond Roofing Granules  

Green Diamond head lap and backing sands provide asphalt shingle manufacturers a consistent particle gradation. Our robust facilities satisfy high volume demand, stabilizing and streamlining downstream production. The bulk density and high specific gravity of Green Diamond Roofing products allows manufacturers to displace asphalt consumption while maintaining desired weights.

Green Diamond's angular shape allows it to bond using a lower volume of asphalt while maintaining exceptional coverage. The angular shape allows knife blades to move down the edge of the particle rather than enduring blunt impacts as experienced with other materials. The result is a greatly extended life of knives, which vastly decreases maintenance and downtime.

·         No respirable free silica 

·         Environmentally safe 

·         Consistent particle gradation 

·         Moisture free – does not pack or absorb moisture

·         Translucency of rock <2% transmission

For more information about Green Diamond Roofing Materials, contact the main office:

(541) 874-3111